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      HCP Mortgage Corp., a Illinois residential mortgage licensee. Provides 1st & 2nd mortgages, debt consolidation loans, home improvement loans, no income verification loans, home equity loans and equity lines of credit . Finance your home with us!

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      Documents Needed

      To process your loan quicker please complete our Online Mortgage Application and then fax or mail the following documents to our office (Attention: Gregory M. Steele).

      The exact documents necessary will depend upon the type of loan that best fits your needs. Many loans require little or no paperwork and others may require tax returns and bank statements.

      Self employed or have little money to close? No problem! - Just call our office or apply online and we'll let you know about all your options (Illinois & Wisconsin properties only).

      Standard Application Checklist

      • Last 2 years W-2 forms
      • Most recent 30 day pays stubs
      • Last three months bank statements (all pages) if purchase

      Self Employed Borrowers

      • No tax returns (if no income verification)
      • Tax returns for past two years (if full documentation)
      • Current profit and loss statement (if full documentation)
      • Corporation tax returns for two years (if full documentation)

      Please contact our office or apply online to find out exactly what paperwork may be needed to fund your loan.

      Apply Now! FAST, FREE & EASY

      "Our job is to find our clients the lowest interest rates and best terms available."

      Low Rates & fast approvals

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      Illinois: HCP Mortgage Corp.,  129 S. Phelps Ave Suite 514  Rockford IL 61108
      Phone: (815) 398-2575     Fax: (815) 398-2576 Email:Greg@lowpayment.com

      Mortgaes home equity loans, refinance mortgages
      Mortgaes home equity loans, refinance mortgages
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      Mortgaes home equity loans, refinance mortgages Mortgaes home equity loans, refinance mortgages

      Remember to complete our online mortgage application for your free preapproval and mortgage solution.

      mortgae Illinois Wisconsin
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